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My latest Novel, Walled City, has just been published, click on the image to order a signed copy from my shop!

Walled City
Walled City

Gax enters Elabi on an undercover mission unseen. Or does he? Who spots his risky nighttime landing and what implications will it pose for his bid to win hearts and minds in the walled city?

Gax is a young adult who enters the city-state of Elabi undercover as a missionary. His mission is to infiltrate a society that does not allow for beliefs or emotions. Elabi has a culture based on logic and factual thinking, and a view of relationships Gax comes up against when he tries to share the Gospel. His own worldview is challenged when the city’s control hinders his evangelism, limiting his opportunities to reach out to share his faith with the people in this first book of the Elabi Chronicles. Will Gax survive long enough to spread the Gospel, or will he be sent beyond the Hills?

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