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There is something intriguing about a bow and arrow, the speed and precision, the craft in making and using them. I remember a bow my father made for me when I was younger, and how he managed to bend the right stick into a strong bow. Polished Arrows conjured up all kinds of images, and knowing Jenny, I was curious to know how she tied it in with Christian living

Jenny Sanders, the author, has used the image of an arrow, a polished arrow, to show some wonderful truths. We’re not talking about modern fibreglass or steel arrows, but handcrafted, specially chosen arrows that required craftsmen to shape and polish the arrows for maximum success.

Polished Arrows is laid out in chapters, each chapter a next step in the process of producing a well-balanced, smooth arrow, ready to be used by a skilful archer. The process starts with finding or even growing the right stick and goes through the painful process of stripping it, smoothing it out, adding a nock and the tip etc. Jenny takes each step and shows from Scripture what it looks like in our walk with God.

Polished Arrows is full of comfort, showing how we are handpicked by God, chosen for a purpose. Each step along the way, however painful, is for our good and done by His skilful hand. Preventing painful splinters in our lives, protecting us from harm and making us more ready to worship and serve God.

The chapters in Polished Arrows aren’t too long and have helpful headings. Each chapter starts by describing the physical process and the steps and reasons for each technique. Jenny then draws parallels to our lives, showing how these steps translate into our hearts and minds. Polished Arrows has twelve chapters, and each chapter ends with some helpful questions and a subchapter which contains a case study of a Biblical character. I found these so helpful, as they illustrated what Jenny had been describing in the chapter, making it less abstract.

Jenny Sanders, the author

Polished Arrows is an easy read on the one hand, and a slow read on the other, as you will want to think about each paragraph, especially some of the examples given. Polished Arrows isn’t hard to understand, but not easy to put into practice! Jenny has used some life examples which I enjoyed, as I find abstract text hard to imagine. Polished Arrows is helpful and clear, even though I don’t usually read non-fiction. This was a challenging read as well, as each point was hitting hard, making me think and pray and sometimes cringe at my lack of polish in certain areas!

Polished Arrows isn’t very long, making it more accessible, and it’s the kind of book you will want to read more than once. I feel Polished Arrows would also make a wonderful book to read in a small group or as a church, as there’s lots to discuss and think about together. Again, the way Polished Arrows is written makes it suitable for all Christians, whatever your background or level of theological knowledge, as the book is so well written. You don’t need a degree or years of listening to complex teaching to be able to be richly blessed by Polished Arrows.

Polished Arrows would make a great present as well, as it’s such an important book, touching on so many areas of our Christian life. It’s the kind of book that stays in your mind for a long time, challenging and pushing you to grow in grace and the knowledge of Christ.

I received a copy via Jenny but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review.

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