My name is Maressa, I’m married to Richard and live with our beautiful children in the Cotswolds, England. I grew up in The Netherlands where my entire family still lives.

I started writing May 2018, having been inspired by Sims Mobile stories. I played Sims Mobile with friends via a forum, and started writing short stories, almost like blogs, based on the antics of my little Sims. I found that I loved telling the stories, imagining their conversations, describing their actions.

This made me look at life in a different way, so I started working on ‘proper’ stories. During November, which is NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month, I wrote a story set in Crete. It was lovely writing about hot, sunny beaches and sticky baklava during a cold and wet November! I finished the story in January, then various other processes like editing happened, and it was finally released December 2019!

December also saw me finishing another manuscript, called Walled City, and I’m praying and hoping for it to be published in the very near future!