Death at a Shetland Festival – Marsali Taylor

I love Shetland, although I have never been, but having reviewed a few of Marsali Taylor’s books set in Shetland, I can’t wait to have an opportunity someday! Death at a Shetland Festival is the latest in the series, and I was thrilled to have a chance to read it.

Death at a Shetland Festival carries on with Cass, the main character, and her partner Gavin. Knowing Cass, I knew there would be a murder soon enough, and I was right. I was surprised by the victim though!

Marsali Taylor has done a great job with this latest novel. Although there are lots of similar elements, like Cass’ sailing, her boat, their cats and the way the story unfolds, nothing is boring or tedious about the story!

Death at a Shetland Festival has a lovely setting at the annual festival, and Marsali has woven in the music and atmosphere of the festival in a wonderful way. Death at a Shetland Festival has a dual timeline, and it makes you wonder when the two strains will meet and how, but Marsali keep you waiting a while!

Death at a Shetland Festival brings back many of my favourite characters, like Magnie, Cass’ old sailor friend and DS Peterson, or Freya, who seems to warm up a little towards Cass. I‘m still as shock as Cass when Freya keeps asking Gavin to go places with her. I think I like her as much as Cass and Cat do… I love how the same underlying storyline carries on through the books, with Cass trying to find ways to be home more often to be with Gavin, changing the ship she will be on sometime soon.

Marsali Taylor’s books are great for a relaxing read

Death at a Shetland Festival follows the same pattern as the other books where Cass is accidentally involved, with a good deal of danger to herself. It all starts innocent enough when the murder is discovered during the festival. But who is responsible, and how far back in the past will they need to go? Is it anything to do with the journal that ended up in Cass’ hands by accident?

Death at a Shetland Festival isn’t fast-paced, just like the others in the series, but some scenes are real page-turners. I enjoyed this book, as it’s a slow, ambling read, taking you around Shetland, the marina, Cass and Gavin’s cottage and past their friends and relations. There are many detailed descriptions in the book, helping you to visualise the fresh Spring grass, the first few bluebells and the first few foals lying in the fields.

Death at a Shetland Festival is a lovely, clean read, with great characters and I can’t wait for the next one, as Cass is about to set off for her last sailing trip on the Norwegian ship.

I received a copy through Reading Between the Lines but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review.

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