Adventurer or Risk Averse

This was September’s contribution for the blog called More than Writers.

My children love visiting the Netherlands, and not just because of chocolate sprinkles on bread for breakfast. A few weeks ago, we decided to go on a very long bike ride (my kids’ big wish in life!) in the National Park near our cabin. It has a ‘white bike plan’, meaning you help yourself to one of the white bikes provided, use it and put it back. It was great, the park was stunning, and the bike lanes were smooth and…narrow.

I loved it, but aged a year every five minutes, ‘pray without ceasing’ taking on a deeper meaning. Four wobbling kids on bikes they’re not used to (you pedal backwards to brake…) and other cyclists coming towards us. It was an adventure, and we thoroughly enjoyed it (especially afterwards!)and it all went well. I’m so glad we did it, as we now look back on some very special times.

My husband just says, “Oh, it’ll be fine.” It often is, but it’s that shaky feeling that makes me want to hold back. Part of me enjoys this shaky feeling, my adventurous part, like jumping off the highest diving board. Like cycling in the summer heat with four swerving kids on a narrow bike lane.

The White Bike Plan in action

Like getting to the end of the first novel in a series, having decided to self-publish. Part of me is so excited about it, it’s like learning (another) new language, the Ingram Spark Language, of formatting, cover art and ISBN numbers. Part of me shrinks back, I avoid looking at my laptop, I even started tidying up the boys’ room… I’m pretty sure it’s the sensible part that stays away from the Ingram Spark website.

On the other hand, having seen the cover painting made by an artist friend fills me with so much excitement. Seeing the editing suggestions by another kind friend makes me glow, as it’s made the story so much tighter, and it encourages me.

I had loads of joy writing the story, imagining it all, answering questions in my heart at the same time. I was thrilled to think about God’s unconditional love, His faithfulness and care for us. That’s only part of it though. When the book is done, it will have a cover painted lovingly by a friend, the story will be edited by another friend, the process of even looking at Ingram Spark will be encouraged and supported by other ACW friends, and that’s what thrills me most.

Being part of a bigger picture

Writing I do by myself, sitting up in bed with my laptop wobbling on my knees. But the book is so much more than the story, and it’s there because of people God has brought along. It’s the help of others that makes it complete, and the knowledge that God knows what I need at all times. It’s like the ‘white bike plan’, there were bikes there, waiting for us, in all the right sizes and at the right time. The path might be narrow, there might be scary parts (Like the man with a large trike coming the other way!), but He provides for all our needs and even for a lot of our ‘wants’ as well.

So, do you love hair raising adventures, convinced it will be alright or are you risk averse? Do you have a project that is pushing you into new territory?

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