Deception- T.J.Blake

“Through the stark and leafless trees, I see her. I remember the first day I saw her; an instant attraction. I think she’s beautiful. She has such pensive blue eyes; they remind me of a blue sky right before the sun descends. Every time I see her I want to talk to her, I want to get to know her, and I want to be her friend.”

Deception is a psychological thriller, with a rather creepy main character called Billy. Is he the bad guy though? I was wondering all through the book, when Eve, the young woman he befriends, becomes more and more creepy.

T.J. Blake, the author, has done a great job with the characters in this book. It left me guessing all the way through. The way he describes Billy and his dog is brilliant, and I enjoyed Billy’s eye for detail. The way he measures everything, up to how many seconds it takes to do stuff. In a way, it makes him stand out.

Eve made me wary from the beginning, but was that justified? And who was Cindy and should Eve know about Cindy before talking to Billy? I kept wondering what was going to happen, for I knew it wouldn’t be plain sailing. Whahaha, this review is nearly impossible to write without major spoilers, I’m working hard here!

The blurb says you’ll never look at dog walkers the same again, which is so true. In a way, after watching too many Midsomer Murders I was suspicious of dog walkers already, but after this book, I will cringe whenever I will see somebody with a dog, I think!

The book is quite slow, very detailed, and it draws you in. I listened to the audiobook, and I loved the narrator’s voice. I did put the speed up, as I’m a fast reader, and a slow voice makes it hard for me to enjoy a story. Christopher Pizzey, the narrator, did a fabulous job, incorporating maniacal laughter, intonation, different voices, it’s all there. Totally had me spellbound.

The end of the book was a bit of a shock, the last chapter full of turns, twists and surprises. It took me by surprise, that’s for sure.

I was given an audiobook copy via Love Books Tours but was under no pressure or obligation to provide a favourable review. These views are my own. There are some bedroom scenes in the book.

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