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Essential Life Skills for Teens is a self-help book to support teenagers. The book aims to support teenagers to prepare for a successful adult life, achieve their dreams and live life how they want it. It isn’t a very big book, but it’s full of information and helpful hints.

David Skiddy, the author, has combined lots of helpful tips on life skills for teenagers. The book is divided up into chapters, making it easier to turn to the skills you struggle with the most. Or to find a very helpful chapter back when needed. The book starts with an example of a teenage entrepreneur, who got stuck as you had to be over 18 to register a business.

As I said, Essential Life Skills for Teens has various chapters, on critical thinking, problem-solving, goal setting, money management, time management and social media use. The chapters aren’t very long and are divided up into short, numbered chunks. The first half of the chapter explains what the terms mean, and the second part gives practical tips and sometimes even some exercises you can do to practise that particular skill.

Some of the language is rather complex, but it would be a great book to read with your teen and discuss the points David Skiddy makes. Essential Life Skills for Teens uses a lot of real-life examples, making the book less abstract. A nice touch is the option to download worksheets using either a QR code or the website.

Essential Life Skills for Teens is practical, especially the chapter on making money as it gives a list of various jobs teens can do. It’s an American list, so some of it might not apply to Britain, but it’s a great start. Other practical tips involve the goal-setting steps. It’s the kind of book you will revisit often, to work on more details and check your progress.

I received a review copy via Love Books Tours but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review.

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