Gurkha Brotherhood – Kailash Limbu

“However difficult the situation on the battlefield, the Gurkhas have never given up or run away.”

Gurkha Brotherhood is the vivid account of Captain Kailash Limbu. It describes his childhood in a small village in Nepal, as well as his journey to Britain and service as a Gurkha. The two ‘lives’ are closely intertwined, and this well-written account is so moving. Kailash is a brilliant writer, and knowing that this account is true makes it even more harrowing.

Kailash Limbu, the author, starts the account in his home village in the mountains of Nepal. I loved his descriptions. He makes it clear that although it sounds idyllic, it was a hard life, full of danger, with death never far away. I love this balance, for although he tells us about his childhood, it’s always with honesty. The descriptions of his life in Nepal are wonderful, helping you to imagine it all: the mudslides, the dangerous rivers, the boys playing in the forest whilst getting firewood and fruit…

The same goes for his experiences in battle. There is honesty and integrity to be found all through this incredible book. It isn’t the glorified stories of daring-do, but moments filled with fear and death, where only bravery saw him through. Kailash often refers back to the long tradition of brave Gurkhas who have gone before him, and I love the pride he has for his regiment. Kailash talks about the various tours, the good the bad and the ugly. I loved looking at the photographs as well, amazed at his smiling face when I had just read about the danger they had been through.

The two stories, or two lifetimes, are mostly separated into chapters. Occasionally his Gurkha experiences remind him of his village, and he refers back to his early life. I love Kailash’s bond with his family, especially his mother. His love for her shines through, and it is for his parents that he pushes through hard moments.

His wife and two children are always in his heart, and he describes how they encourage him in his dark moments. Then there are his fellow soldiers, and again, Kailash is brilliant at describing their way of life, their friendship and brotherhood. I felt the loss of the ones who did not make it home.

Although it’s a book about war and fighting dangers, it is so much more than that. It’s a tribute to the Gurkhas’ bravery, their spirit and honour as soldiers. It talks about their love for their adopted country. It explains the dualism in their hearts where home is still far away, but they are content wherever they are. It is a story of serving and caring. I just want to thank Captain Kailash Limbu and all Gurkhas for their service and sacrifices.

I received a review copy via Love Books Tours but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review. These views are my personal views.

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