Oliver’s Secret – Eleanor Watkins

“She didn’t really think that this prayer would be answered too, but there was no harm in asking.”

Oliver’s Secret is a lovely book aimed at children 6-8, although my 13 yr old enjoys it just as much, and so did I!

Clare has just moved back to Britain after living in China and she feels lonely. What if she can’t make any new friends? The day they move is long and stressful, with tired parents and a little brother to look after. There is no pudding, and Clare doesn’t know anybody, dinner is the wrong kind of dinner and she misses her old friends.

At dinner time, they pray for new friends and Clare mentions pudding. Both prayers are answered before dinner time is over. So will her prayer for a cat be answered as well? There is a catflap in the kitchen door and Clare can’t help but hope that a cat will come through the door.

Eleanor Watkins, the author, has done a beautiful job in setting up the main character and drawing us into Clare’s thinking. Will God answer all her prayers? Can you ask too many prayers, and why are some answered straight away, whilst other prayers get no answer? I love how the children change a little over time, adjusting in good ways, learning to be a friend.

Eleanor Watkins, the author

Oliver’s Secret is lovely, dealing with big things like loneliness, friendship, family dynamics, sharing and prayer. All important issues, but dealt with in such a sweet, interesting way, that I found myself turning the pages as fast as I could, to see what would happen next.

Oliver’s Secret has a wonderful message, helping children to understand life through God’s eyes. It would be such a helpful book for families as the book isn’t preachy, but it shows Christian living in a gentle way. There is excitement too, and I felt for Clare when she found out what Oliver’s secret had been!

Oliver’s Secret has a beautiful layout, with large letters and gorgeous pictures. The pictures show facial expressions well, which is very important for my children as it helps them to understand people better. Oliver’s Secret would make a lovely present to any family and can be bought from bookshops, the publisher (Dernierpublishing.com) or directly from the author at EleanorW18@hotmail.com.

I received a review copy from Eleanor Watkins but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review.

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