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Secret Code Games for Clever Kids is a great book full of wonderful puzzles and teasers. It’s the kind of book where you find yourself doing the ‘one more’ for about ten pages!

Gareth Moore, the author, has done a brilliant job with Secret Code Games for Clever Kids, another one in a great series. I’m hopeless at word games and puzzles, but these were fun. Each page has a fun layout, with little pictures and a secret agent-type look.

The puzzles are different, including letter Sudoku, maths problems, finding hidden words in sentences, working out missing letters or using Morse Code and each page keeps your interest, as there is something for everyone. Some are questions reminding me of spy games, and others feel like trying to figure out the Enigma Code all over again…

The cover of Secret Code Games for Clever Kids is bright and attractive, and the introduction is inviting. The book has a section at the back with different lists, like Morse Code, Braille and Radio Code words. There is also a section for you to make notes whilst doing the puzzles, although most pages will have enough blank space to scribble short notes, I think.

Secret Code Games for Clever Kids has one hundred puzzles and brain teasers, enough to keep you busy for a long time. There isn’t a particular order, so you could do the ones you like first, or leave them till last. At the top of each puzzle page is a space to write your time score, so you can see if you can improve your timing. The answers at the back can help as well, or you could ask someone else to give you a clue, using the answers at the back of Secret Code Games for Clever Kids.

Secret Code Games for Clever Kids is very varied. I always feel those kinds of puzzles get a bit dry and boring after a while, but not in this case. The problems to be solved are funny and witty, and the answers are often unexpected. Even though there are so many problems to be solved in the book, it doesn’t feel like you’re constantly doing the same kind of teaser.

My children, who are much better at these kinds of problems, thoroughly enjoyed Secret Code Games for Clever Kids and said it was the best puzzle book ever, and I have to agree with them. The book is not very large, size-wise, so you can easily take it along when having to wait somewhere, as some of the puzzles won’t take too long.

I received a copy of Secret Code Games for Clever Kids via Love Books Tours but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review.

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