Last week my brother and his wife celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary. I was sad to miss out on the celebrations, but it did make me think back to their special day. It reminded me of beautiful dresses, ceremonies and traditions.

So for my first book review I’m giving you four, based on the old wedding rhyme, “Something Old, Something New; Something Borrowed, Something Blue”, leaving out the sixpence, swapping it for my pennyworth.

Sapphire Beach
Something to Read

So here are my four books for this month. For Something Old I’m choosing Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, as I have only just read it. That’s the joy of having joined a Reading List, it makes me read books slightly out of my usual repertoire.

For Something New it’s Miss, what does incomprehensible mean? by Fran Hill, who has done a fantastic job writing about (teaching) life.

Something Borrowed was harder, as I try to avoid using the library, as returning the books becomes so stressful. I did, however, signup for Kindle unlimited, and one of the very short books on there is called The Memory String by Eve Bunting. I borrowed it for my daughter, but of course, that means reading it for myself as well.

The last book has a blue cover, and is the middle book of a trilogy aimed at young people (writing this makes me feel good, for I loved the books, surely that means I’m still a young person?!). It’s called Destiny’s Revenge, by Philip S. Davies. Again, it’s a book I read only recently, having read the first volume a while ago. Picking a book for Something Blue was harder, as there are a lot of blue covered books around, including my own Sapphire Beach.

So, the four books I picked for this month.

Something Old

I chose Wuthering Heights for my booklist recently, as I had never read it before. It all felt a bit glum, as well as confusing. A lot of questions came to mind, but hardly any were answered. I did enjoy reading it, especially as it wasn’t too long. Some of the descriptions were very quaint, making the whole thing more enjoyable, funnily enough. The characters were actually quite interesting, and I liked the conversations.

I know The Works used to sell loads of these classics for a very good price, but I’m not sure if they still do. Anyway, it’ll be around a lot of charity shops I would think, and I would recommend it if you want to read one of those types of ‘old’ books. It’s definitely lighter reading than Jamaica Inn for example…

Something New

This one was great, I could actually see myself re-reading it (Extremely unusual for me to re-read a book, but this one is definitely on the list!) and I have lost count of the times I recommended this one! Miss, what does incomprehensible mean? reads like the diary of a teacher during one year. Fran has done an amazing thing in the way she has combined school life with home and church in one fluid story. It’s incredibly funny, deeply moving as well as poignant, and this heady mixture had me laughing out loud or nodding, wondering if I should start to like chocolate biscuits more.

Miss, What Does Incomprehensible Mean?

I could just picture the school corridors, the loud, braces-clad teens, and Fran holding forth, encouraging as well as giving them a sense of reality. (Does that even work with teenagers?).

Some parts were very thought provoking, especially the thoughts about bullying. Like we were told, hurt people hurt people. I loved the way Fran addressed this, as well as the ‘expert’s’ talk about attachment issues, something a lot of adopted and fostered children struggle with within schools. It’s a superb read, and don’t for a moment think it’s for teachers only, for it really isn’t. It touches on so many aspects of life, encouraging and engaging everyone!

Something Borrowed

Like I said, this was a bit harder. The Memory String was borrowed via Kindle Unlimited, and is really a picture book, I suppose. The pictures are quite modern, but have wonderful colours. The idea of a memory string was new to me. It made me think of starting a memory string for our family, as it’s such a sweet thing to do! Apart from the children have been with us for seven years already, so what sort of buttons would I attach?

The main thread, no pun intended, is that the girl resents her step-mother, who feels the rejection, but understands too. It has a lovely ending, and I can see the book being helpful in many ways. My girls enjoyed the book, and thought it ‘very sweet’.

Something Blue

Destiny’s Revenge is the middle book of a trilogy, set in the fictional city of Anestra. I loved the first book, Destiny’s Rebel, and this one is even better. It has been a while since reading the first one, but it’s possible to read this one without reading the first one (Although definitely worth reading them in order!). This book would still make sense if you’re new to this series.

Destiny's Revenge

The book is very timely, as Anestra is struck by a dreadful plague. I absolutely loved the explanations given in the book for the spiritual understanding of the disease that besets the people in Anestra, how the seeds of this plague lives in all of them. It deals with so many deep issues in an incredible way, making it feel very relevant. It also shows faith, faithfulness, doubt and indebtedness, forgiveness and sacrificial giving.

I highly recommend this book, especially when wondering about current affairs, without wanting to hear more from or about WHO or politicians. It’s a helpful escape from reality, lots of interesting plots and relationships going on, whilst dealing with huge issues at the same time.

So, here you are, my first review on my blog, but I have really enjoyed doing it! Four beautiful books for you to get stuck into. Don’t forget to get yourself a copy of Sapphire Beach as well, do contact me directly if you would like to order a signed copy!

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