The Bride – Joy Margetts

The Bride is the beautiful, moving story of Efa, set in 13th-century Wales. The story starts just before her arranged marriage, set up by her uncle, Llewellyn, the Welsh prince and straight away, the story takes you into the castle at Swansea, right into Efa’s heart.

Joy Margetts, the author, has done another wonderful job with this historical novel. The settings, mostly the manor house where Efa ends up, as well as the stunning abbey at Ystrad Fflur, really bring The Bride to life. It gives such a beautiful background to Efa’s heartbreak and struggles, as well as the love she finds. I’m thrilled to be part of Joy’s Book Tour, as I’ve been looking forward to this book so much!

The Bride follows Efa as she meets new people. Will Efa overcome her heartache? I felt for her and wondered how she would be able to overcome her grief and bitterness. One of my favourite characters is Non, ready to meet and help Efa in her new setting. Non’s joy and kindness shine through, and warmed me as well as Efa!

The Bride, like The Healing and The Pilgrim, has a devotional theme, and just like Joy’s previous books, it’s hard to decide what I want more: sit and meditate on the Bible verses after each chapter, praying about the thoughts mentioned in the story, or read as fast as possible to find out what happens to Efa!

The Bride is based around portions of the Song of Solomon, and Joy has chosen them well; it’s the way that they are woven into the story that makes this book so special. It’s like a devotional as well as a historical novel all in one. There are some deep thoughts in the book, making me want to read it over and over! How do we overcome loneliness and fear, and can we find forgiveness in our hearts towards those who hurt us? Can we trust God with all of our lives?

Joy Margetts, the author

The Bride brings in some of the characters known and loved from the previous books, and I loved seeing Brother Hywel appear again. Of course, Efa had been a character in one of the previous books, and I was thrilled that she now has her own story! The Bride is even better than I thought Efa’s story was going to be, and a lot deeper than I thought after meeting her briefly before.

The Bride is moving and not just a read to enjoy on stormy evenings. It’s a book that helps you to look at your own life as well. Am I serving God faithfully and cheerfully? Am I living like His Bride should be, do I feel loved like His Bride?

The Bride has a beautiful cover as well, just like the other books, and I’m wondering when the next book will appear and who it will be about. The wonderful Abbott Ulrich maybe? Or even Haf, who was such a bright character!

I received a copy via Joy Margetts but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review.

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