The New Creatures – Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

The New Creatures is the second book in the series, following The Captive’s Crown. It follows Eliana, a former prostitute, who has come to Jesus. Eliana is reconciled to her husband, and the two are trying to live their lives as followers of Jesus.

Olusola Sophia Anyanwu, the author, has done a wonderful job with The New Creatures. The first book, The Captive’s Crown, talks about Eliana coming to faith. But what happens then? Many stories end there, but The New Creatures shows the changes in Eliana and her family and friends. What happens when Jesus comes into your life? How does He change you?

Sophia shows all through The New Creatures the struggles new Christians can have. Eliana and her husband have received new life from Jesus, and Sophia shows how life can still be difficult. Yes, Eliana and her husband are new creatures, but life isn’t straightforward for them. There are some surprisingly hard questions to answer.

Sophia has done a great job, showing how even as Christians, there will still be hard times, there is still grief and there will be struggles. By following Eliana and her husband, it helps us to understand this, and to see it working its way out in everyday life. Eliana is trying to live a godly life, but what does that look like? Her temptations are there, and so are reminders of her previous life as a prostitute. How will she deal with accusations and temptation?

The New Creatures is available from Amazon as well as other retailers.

I love how Sophia brings back the same characters we met in The Captive’s Crown and shows their new lifestyle and the struggles that come with becoming Christians. It’s lovely to see the characters struggle, making their stories more real and helpful at the same time. At the same time, Sophia gives us insight into what it must have been like in the first-century church.

I enjoyed reading about Eliana and her husband, and seeing old characters come by as well, like old friends. The book is 18+, but I love how Sophia makes temptation, struggles and sin real in people’s lives. The book starts with a wonderful poem and throughout, there are glimpses of heaven for us as well, showing us the mind of God for His people.

The New Creatures is a helpful book as well, showing us that coming to faith, and being born again, is only the start of our life and walk with Jesus, and won’t always be easy. There is much to learn and unlearn, and I love how Sophia has portrayed that in The New Creatures. The struggle is very real, and it shows different reactions to criticism, complaining, and friendship issues. In fact, The New Creatures deals with many issues and problems, but there are lovely moments and encouraging conversations along the way, making it a lovely read, although like I said, definitely 18+ with various bedroom scenes…

I received a copy of The New Creatures from Olusola Sophia Anyanwu but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review.  

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