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The Sound of Sirens is set in a small fishing village in Scotland. It’s a modern crime novel, dealing with the difficulties for young people in small communities. There is drug smuggling, fishing, relationships and families. It’s a story that grips you, hooks you in and leaves you turning pages.

Ewan Gault, the author, has painted some great characters, showing their struggles without judging them. He shows the pressures the young people are under. Malky, the main character, tries to do what is right for all those around him, but the web of lies and scheming is huge. I felt sorry for this lad, wondering how he would react to the next obstacle. I loved how he wanted to help and tries to see the good in people.

The Sound of Sirens describes the village well, and I enjoyed the character of the young policewoman. She was new to it all but had a great way of connecting with people. The book is rather bleak, with the characters struggling. This comes out well in the more senior policeman, Stark, who wants to help as well as get away from the place. I found his daughter interesting, and I kept wondering if there would be a next book about Stark..?

There were some unexpected twists and turns in the place, a few that made me smile a little, but most of it brings out the danger and damage that comes from drugs and dealing. Ewan Gault draws you into the hopelessness of the place and the resentment of the characters towards life and each other.

The Sound of Sirens doesn’t make for light reading, but it was so well-written, it has you turning the pages, hoping Malky makes it, hoping the police finds out, hoping… It’s a sobering book, one that is important and tells us more about county lines and the dangerous gangs that push drugs around the country. It’s good to be informed and to see what goes on, and a novel is a perfect way to do that.

I received a review copy via Love Books Tours but was under no obligation or pressure to write a favourable review. The book comes with health warnings.

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