The Wanderer Scorned – Natasha Woodcraft

The Wanderer Scorned is a beautiful and heartbreaking read. It is the story of Kayin and how he grows apart from his family and the Lord. It’s the coming of age of a young man who loves and supports his family but who grows increasingly angry and bitter at the same time.

Natasha Woodcraft, the author, has written this haunting debut and I was honoured to see an earlier draft as well. The Wanderer Scorned starts off in Lamech’s house where a party gets slightly out of hand and a Wanderer stands up to share his story.

The Wanderer Scorned is the first part of the story and I can’t wait to read the second part. Kayin is a happy young man, working alongside his father who starts to pull away from him once Havel is born. Kayin’s mother is sweet and clearly loves him, but Kayin becomes more and more troubled.

Then there is Havel, the child who is everything a parent would wish for and Kayin loves him, as well as resents him. Life is hard as well as full of wonders, as Kayin and Havel discover more ways to look after the family and work the land. Havel’s dedication to the Lord is wholehearted, but would we have cringed that little bit, like Kayin? Isn’t it too pious to love so fully? How serious is sin, and The Wanderer Scorned prods our conscience every time!

The Wanderer Scorned runs like s slow river, beautiful, steady and determined. It is a story of a family filled with hope and bitterness, learning to worship the Lord God. One of my favourite things were Havel’s songs, placed throughout the book. Natasha has put some of these on her YouTube channel, so please do check that out!

The Wanderer Scorned is soul-searching as well. Do I slowly drift away? Do I serve the Lord God the right way? Is my life filled with comparing myself? Kayin’s split with the family didn’t happen overnight. He tried several times to bridge the gap that had grown between him and the others. Backsliding begins in the heart, and Natasha has brought that out in such a vivid way.

The Wanderer Scorned is a great story about a part of Scripture we know little of. Natasha’s speculations make perfect sense and I enjoyed reading her views on that part of the Bible. It’s a hard part as well as heartbreaking. How could it have come to that? The Wanderer Scorned gives you an idea of how life went from Paradise to the first murder.

I was given a review copy as well as a beta reader’s copy by Natasha but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review.

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