Wonderful Whiffs – Sophie Loosveldt

A Tale of Wonderful Whiffs

“Pugini is SO hungry for life. She sniffs out ALL the secret surprises. There is always more LOVE to share and enjoy.”

A Tale of Wonderful Whiffs is a love little book about joy and love. The main character is a little girl called Sophie and her dog, Pugini. Pugini is really a secret agent, sent on a special mission to bring love and joy.

The pictures are adorable, and the words have a happy, bouncy rhythm to them. Pugini is a wonderful character, spreading smiles through his whiffs. He is the one showing Sophie how much love and happiness can be found, even by looking in the strangest places.

Pugini is determined to enjoy every day and to help Sophie to enjoy it with him. They explore the world together, and there are some hilarious places where Pugini looks and licks.

Sophie Loosveldt, the author

One of the best points about the book is that there are short questions dotted about, involving the reader, giving children something to try out or to wonder about. It’s done in such a sweet, easy way, it feels very natural.

The book is a hardback, with lovely thick paper. The colours are great and each page has a lot of details, making it great for just looking at. The print is lovely, which words accentuated or coloured to give an even better flow to the story.

Personally, I am not into Mother Nature ideas, so that detracted from the story for me, but I know that not everyone would think like me on that score. I received a review copy but was under no obligation or pressure to write a favourable review.

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