A Tiger Named Lee – Sinéad Murphy

“He can’t quite believe the change in his mind.”

A Tiger Named Lee is a lovely book about overcoming fears. Lee is a tiny tiger who lives with his mum in a treetop house. Lee doesn’t want to leave the safety of his home, and the mum is gentle and patient with him. One stormy night, Lee and his mum are thrown to the ground, and Lee is forced to face his fears.

Sinéad Murphy, the author, has written this delightful story about facing your fears. She wrote A Tiger Named Lee for her young daughter to show her that it’s normal to have fears and worries and that help is always there if you ask for it. This book is her debut book, and it looks amazing. Shannon Cresham is the illustrator. I loved the vibrant colours and expressions on the animals’ faces.

Sinéad has used some lovely words like gizzards and foreboding. I like this a lot, as my kids love big words or strange words, and this is a wonderful opportunity to talk about words. The rhyme and rhythm are brilliant, with plenty of repetition as well.

I loved Lee’s character and how he was so thrilled when he managed to overcome his fears.

I received a review copy via Love Books Tours but was under no obligation or pressure to write a favourable review. These are my personal views.

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