A Deadly Coincidence – Keith Finney

“We all have skeletons in our cupboards, Anna. All I ask is that you find out what really happened and tell me the truth.”

A Deadly Coincidence is an exciting book set in Norfolk during World War II. Anna Grix, the vicar’s daughter, is asked to find out the truth about the local postman’s death. The police think it was an accident, but Anna is not so sure. The story is set in a sleepy village called Lipton St Faith, where the locals are getting used to their new rationing books and blackout curtains. The idea that murder could happen in their village seems farfetched.

Keith Finney, the author, has spun a wonderful tale with intriguing characters. Not only is there Anna Grix, who is rather acerbic but Eddie Elsner, a lieutenant from America is there to help her in her private investigation. I felt sorry for Eddie, as Anna is often rather harsh with him. Anna’s father sounds like a kind man who is doing his best to please people.

The story meanders along at a rather slow pace, which makes it a lovely story to read when you want to relax. There are some surprising twists and turns in the story, although it wasn’t a fast-paced story. Some of the characters make it clear that the book is part of a series, but it doesn’t hinder the story at all. The most hopeless one was probably Anna’s ex-boyfriend who keeps popping up. I would like to know more about Eddie, the helpful lieutenant.

The story is wonderfully descriptive about Norfolk where Keith was an Assistant Principal at a large college of further & higher education in Norfolk. The windmills and water pumps are mentioned as are the views across the Broads. I enjoyed reading about the sunsets and little local cafes. It mentions various customs and ways of living during that time, and especially some of the air raid warnings were well-written, giving you a real feel of the time.

I received a review copy via Love Books Tours but was under no pressure or obligation to provide a favourable review. These are my personal views.

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