An Extra Day

It is exactly eight year ago that we applied for adoption. How do I know? Well, obviously doing something on the 29th of February makes it extra memorable. Many other days I will never forget, but this one is extra special, as the blessings still continue from that one meeting.

I saw an email heading yesterday, asking me what I was going to do with that extra day this year. Eight years ago we started building our family. What a way to use that extra day! We were invited for our first, initial interview. We had no idea what to expect, no idea what adoption would  be like. I presumed it would be an unwanted young baby, maybe with learning issues, with parents unable to look after it. We had no idea, but the staff at the voluntary agency were wonderful.

We met, and were made to feel welcome, and the social worker we spoke to was brilliant at listening. We soon found out that it’s not likely we would get a very young baby, which was totally fine with us. The major shock came when she said that as we’d always wanted a large family, we had come to the right agency, as they specialised in sibling groups! We couldn’t believe our ears, and our hearts were overflowing with joy and excitement by the time we left. We still had a long way to go, hurdles to jump and all that, but we had been given hope.

Such a memorable day, and I’m still feeling that initial excitement, listening to my children playing and chattering. That extra day eight years ago was like the gift that keeps on giving.

We have been blessed with an extra day this year as well, how will you fill this day and put that blessing to good use? (Not saying you should all apply for adoption today, although that would be pretty amazing!)

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