Christmas: God’s Promise Kept – Sarah Tummey

This review is part of a series I’m doing about different Advent/Christmas books and resources. Some are advent activity books/packs to do with children, advent readings or Christmassy books. New signups for my Newsletter will have a chance of winning a wonderful Advent book by author Sarah Tummey.

Christmas: God’s Promise Kept is a lovely little book with readings for Advent. It is a special book, as all the readings are taken from the Old Testament. The book starts with a brief introduction, where Sarah Tummey, the author, explains why she wrote this book.

She says, “Hopefully it will enrich our celebration of Christmas, as we see that Jesus – this ruler of nations, born in the small town of Bethlehem – is God’s promise kept.”

Such a beautiful aim for a book and Christmas: God’s Promise Kept does just that. It tells leads you through Old Testament passages, written a long time before Jesus was born, and shows you how each promise was kept. Some of the passages chosen are quite obscure, making Christmas: God’s Promise Kept special.

Many books tend to focus on well known passages, whereas Sarah has chosen verses that look forward to the coming of Jesus, picking out some beautiful verses. Each day starts with a verse, which is then briefly explained and put into context. Each day ends with a special thought, making us look forward to Christmas, realising why Jesus’ birth was so special.

Here’s a selfie I took with Sarah when visiting Cambridge

Christmas: God’s Promise Kept isn’t large, as Sarah Tummey has kept each reading short. The readings are complicated either, making it ideal for family readings, as they’re sweet and short, making it possible to fit into busy lives. You can visit Sarah’s blog, where you can read more about the book as well.

It’s hard to say which day is my favourite, although I love new beginnings, so the first one, set for December 1st, talking about the promise made in the Garden of Eden, feels a great place to start.

That’s another thing I like about Christmas: God’s Promise Kept, it starts on the first of December. No need to figure out which day or date Advent starts, you simply open up the book on the first day of December. I love the star on each page, culminating in a picture at the end. Such a lovely detail.

This beautiful book can be bought from shops or the Big A. Even better is, you have a chance of winning a copy by subscribing to my newsletter! You will have till the evening of the 30th, London time 8pm to have your name added to the list! I have a signed copy ready for whoever wins it…

I’m looking forward to sharing this lovely book with my children, as it will make a great start to our days, and it’s good to look at maybe less familiar verses and see the beauty of Christ in all the Scriptures.

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