Friend of God – Rachel Yarworth

“Most of my life has been about simply walking with God in the prosaic, everyday-ness of life, and that’s good and as it should be.”

Friend of God is a moving story of Rachel’s life with God. The story is gripping and filled with wonderful moments, strung together by a beautiful view of God.

Rachel Yarworth, the author, describes how her life with God started, and how God became her Friend, who was always there for her. Often, we can be quite glib about that, and this book shows the depths her relationship with God is tested. Will Jesus be there in the failures, the dark moments and the difficulties?

Friend of God is such a moving story, as Rachel shows her vulnerable moments, moments of struggle and heartache, and shares with us where God was in those moments. I suppose many books are filled with miracles and great stories, but what I liked about Friend of God was Rachel’s quiet faith, her holding on to her Friend who never let her down.

There are some very sad moments in Friend of God, and my heart sank along with Rachel’s, wondering if she would let go of God as well, but God was there all along. He wasn’t along for the smooth parts only, but also for the heartache. I found Rachel’s account of her first miscarriage so sad, so moving, but the way she describes God walking through it with her, that was what was so beautiful. As mums, we often wonder what we would do if tragedy hits, and Rachel has shared in such a way as to give us hope. Not just because of her story or her example, but by describing God so well, and showing us His utter trustworthiness.

Friend of God is not a long read, but it will stay with you. Like I said, maybe not even so much the details of what happened to Rachel but the way God was there all along. The way Jesus worked in the people around her and brought her through so many different scenes. Friend of God is such an encouraging memoir, as it is really all about Jesus and how He not only came to save us, but stays with us too.

Rachel has done a great job of sharing her life with us. It is such a gift, as we don’t often get to see into someone’s life and to be part of their doubts and fears, as often in church, we don’t want to sound like we’re having a hard time. When things go wrong, we might try to hide it from others, but Rachel shares her highlights as well as downfalls, and most of all, she shows God’s faithfulness through it all. It’s an encouraging book, as it helps you to be real with God, to see Jesus in a new light maybe, and to turn to Him at all times.

Rachel makes it very clear that she is an ordinary person, and that yes, there have been extra special moments, but it’s walking with Jesus in the ordinary that makes Him so special. I loved that bit, as biographies can be depressing as they’re so unattainable. Rachel is showing that faith is for every kind of person, not the gifted or clever or special ones only.

I’m not normally into (auto)biography, but this story was such a blessing, even if my theological standing is totally different from Rachel. I love her relationship with God and how it has carried her and her husband through so much. I was given a copy by Rachel, but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review.

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  1. I agree. I loved the book and found Rachel’s honesty about the hard parts so enormously encouraging. Great blog as always, Maressa (and liking the doughnuts and coffee background)

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