Island of Ruin – Marti M. MacNair

Island of Ruin is a dystopian novel, aimed at young people, or those that feel like a brilliant read! I’m not into dystopian novels, having accidentally written a few myself, but this had me glued to my reader, till suddenly, I got to the end, and way past my bedtime!

Island of Ruin has some wonder characters, like the main character, Jasmine, and her friend Coral. Ash is an interesting young lad and so is Spindle. These young people are friends, or are they? Who can be trusted and who might turn against you? And will it all fade away once you’re given the young adult drug that stops all your feelings and emotions?

Marti M. MacNair, the author, has done a fabulous job with Island of Ruin. Not only the characters draw you in, but so does the landscape and their struggle to grow life again after the End of Days. The scene is set quickly, and within a few lines, you are part of their world, feeling their fears and hopes.

I loved how Jasmine is so different from the others, and how she struggles to blend in, nearly making it, then going off on her own again. I enjoyed seeing the friendships struggle and grow, or change over time. Jasmine’s determination is great, but will it get her into trouble, or others?

Island of Ruin is quite a painful, confrontational read, as trust is broken or carefully gained. There is so much scheming and intrigue in Ruin, and through the book, you find out more and more about the corruption and lies that have been woven into everyday life, but at first, it is seen through the young people loving their protective bubble and their way of life, grateful for safety and the protection of the goddess Pax.

Marti M. MacNair, the author

Island of Ruin introduces doubts about their lives carefully and realistically. Seeds of doubt are sown, questions can’t be silenced, and bitterness starts to grow. But how far will Jasmine go with her questions, and who will pay the price?

Life seems brutal in Ruin, and you can feel Jasmine’s emotions as trouble arrives. Island of Ruin has lots of unexpected twists, some positive, some taking the story to a darker level. Some of the losses were quite a shock, and makes Island of Ruin definitely dystopian, although, looking around, does it?!

Island of Ruin does have some violent scenes, which is fine as long as your teenager or young person expects it and is fine with it. It was definitely part of the story, although I can’t wait till book 2 is out, as I simply need to find out what happened to the characters I really liked! It doesn’t leave on a cliff hanger (Something I find really, really hard!), but suddenly, I got to the end of the book, and realised I needed to be know what happens next!

I was given a copy through Reading Between the Lines but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review.

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