Charlie Peach’s Pumpkins – Jenny Sanders

Charlie Peach’s Pumpkins and Other Stories is a wonderful collection of stories. Charlie Peach is the main character in the first story, and it’s a wonderful start to a collection of stories with great characters. Charlie Peach simply sets the tone for what follows.

Charlie Peach’s Pumpkins and Other Stories has six stories and is the second collection by Jenny Sanders. Each story has people with the most intriguing names, like the Beasley-Babbington brothers and their sister Belinda, or Shaun Scattergood, the accidental sommelier.

Jenny Sanders, the author, has done a marvellous job with a book for children that adults will love as well. Each story has a lovely message, without it being a message, if you know what I mean. The stories all have a problem, with a wonderful solution. There is so much said about kindness and helping others, without it being a lecture or something you feel, reluctantly, is something you ought to do.

Charlie Peach’s Pumpkins and Other Stories is a wonderful-sized book as well, which was a relief, as the stories are so good, you don’t want them to finish too soon! The illustrations inside the book, done by Amanda Young, are hilarious, and form a great part of each story. They’re worth looking at, and finding all the funny details.

Charlie Peach’s Pumpkins and Other Stories gives some wonderful insights into life and is actually honest as well as sweet. Feeding bullies cake will make them sweeter, but they might still lapse, as we find out, and living in an inherited castle might not ever work, but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the castle.

It’s hard to say which story is my favourite, as they are all wonderful and funny. Maybe the Beasley-Babbingtons? That might just be because I love old stately houses as well as swimming pools… On the other hand, although I’m not too keen on cake, the ones described in The Surprising Power of Cake made my mouth water!

Charlie Peach’s Pumpkins and Other Stories Is ideal if you don’t want a long chapter book, but want more than a quick five-minute read. The stories are quite substantial, with some great language, but not too long, allowing you to read a story at a time.

I received a copy for Jenny’s Book Tour but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review. I also bought a copy, as my children were quite desperate to have their copy!

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