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I love long, dark evening, as they just lend themselves for reading. NaNoWriMo has ended, so I have more time to read and write other things.

I love the fact that there are so many different kinds of books. Usually, I read fiction, especially crime fiction, and biographies aren’t the kind of books I would choose. Once I read a biography I enjoy it, as I do find people’s lives interesting, but they can be a bit drawn out.

Recently a few autobiographies have been released written by Special Forces guys, and they have been incredible to read. The trauma they have been through, and the damage it did, and their way back to healthy lives are great and encouraging stories. 

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One of the books I was able to get is written by an ex-police officer and contractor from America. I know him through Instagram and had wanted to buy his book for ages, but really wanted a signed copy. In the end, I gave in and simply ordered a copy.

The book is called John Fifteen Thirteen. The front cover is black with simple white lettering, making it look quite striking. 

John Nicholas Cassel is an amazing person, and the book reflects that. He starts by describing one of the cases he was involved in, how he became a policeman etc. 

Throughout the book, you meet other people and the way John describes them is great.

The chapters aren’t very long, the book itself isn’t long in fact, and John left me wanting to know more. Seriously, every chapter in itself would make an incredible book!

His character shines through each chapter, showing him to be an incredible guy, very humble, loving his family and his country. It also shows his love for God and his faith in God. That’s the thing I found really moving, as John closes the chapters with either a Bible verse or a prayer. It just adds another dimension to his book.

I love the descriptions of the incredible places John went to, especially the hairy spider episode…It’s made me check my shoes since then, haha.

So if you’re looking for a Christmas present, this is a quick read, fast-paced and interesting. It’s also a challenging read, as some of the events are truly humbling.

I ordered my copy from Amazon, but St Nick, as he’s called, has his own website where he sells other merchandise as well as books. Do look him up, I highly recommend this book! His website is

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