Marijuana Mermaids – David-Matthew Barnes

“I was in danger of being guilty by association. I figured cutting all ties was the only option for survival in this town.”

Marijuana Mermaids is a coming of age novel. It’s the struggle of a girl named Leah, who has to choose her friendships and possible consequences of wrong choices. Leah has already made a big mistake, although it takes us most of the book to find out what the mistake was. Leah’s parents are divorced, and her mother sends her to stay with her father. Her father agrees as it’s Leah last option to stay in school.

David-Matthew Barnes, the author, loves creating suspense, as he launches us straight into Leah’s life. Moving from Chicago to a little seaside town is a shock, but Leah loves the sea. Early on she watches a show with mermaids and is determined to become one of those girls. The only problem is that she would need to be a swimmer for the job, so Leah takes on a job at the cafe instead.

Leah is taken up by two girls, and after the first thrill of friendship dies away, she realises that maybe their friendship comes at a cost. Leah struggles to get away from them, but other friends come forward, helping her to make better choices. There are references to drug usage in the book, but no bedroom scenes.

The end of the book sees all ends neatly tied up, which people might find very satisfactory. The style of the book reminded me of a screenplay and looking at David-Matthew’s many accolades, that seems to be his forte. The cover is equally dramatic, with gorgeous colours and movement.

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