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Mission in Malmö is a police thriller set in around Malmö. Having been to Malmö, I loved reading about the place as well as Copenhagen across the bridge. The main detective, Anita Sundström, has to deal with an armed robbery. Years later, the case comes back to bite her.

Mission in Malmö is a split timeline book. The story starts in 2006 with the armed robbery, then moves to ‘Present Day’, when Anita has been promoted to Chief Inspector. There are many references to things that happened in between, and I would love to read those stories! I had never read anything by this author before, so I will have to check out his other books…

Torquil MacLeod, the author, has done a great job in describing life in Malmö as well as Copenhagen. Mission in Malmö is detailed enough to make you imagine the scene and feel at home, but it doesn’t slow down the story. Malmö has not just got the main place, but rural areas as well.

Mission in Malmö is fast-paced and exciting, with great characters. The three security guards are described well, so you feel part of the setting straight away, and when the robbery takes place, you get dragged into the action. I felt for all three of them, as well as the police who had to deal with the aftermath and sort out the stories.

Anita, the detective, seems very sharp and has a good feel for people. It’s not an easy environment to work in, but she manages well. Torquil has put together a great team of police inspectors, and again, I wouldn’t mind reading more about each one of them! Apart from maybe the slimy one, although I would love to know what happened to him…

Mission in Malmö is quite long, as they’re almost two stories that suddenly come together. It has everything you need in a great police thriller. There are plenty of twists and turns, no bedroom stuff, some strong language and even stronger characters. There are a lot of people involved, but as they’re all different, it’s quite easy to keep them apart. I had to look back once or twice, as I couldn’t remember a particular character, but as he was part of the Serbian gang, I soon found him again earlier in the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed Mission in Malmö, and I now need to find out what happened to Anita during the in-between years… Mission in Malmö is book nine in the series, so I’m looking forward to catching up! Mission in Malmö has a great cover, and so have the other books in the series.

The split timeline and various perspectives can be a little confusing, as it takes you from one place to another, and it’s sometimes hard to tell who you’re with, mainly because I was trying to read at top speed as I just needed to know what happened! It’s well put together, so the different paths do come together with some rather large shocks at the end…!

I received a copy via Love Books Tours but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review.

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