Raising Awareness

Sapphire Beach always reminds me of hot Septembers in Crete. The incredibly blue water, sweet baklava and beautiful views make me feel relaxed simply by thinking about them.

I love writing about beautiful places, and although Sapphire Beach deals with a dreadful problem, it still was a joy to write. Last week I was interviewed by UCB Radio about Sapphire Beach and what led me to write about Domestic Abuse.

The interview can be triggering, as we talk about gaslighting, violence and what I learned from my friend, her strength and courage as well as how hard it is to step away from a dangerous situation like that.

Ruth from UCB Radio has some helpful advice and numbers as well, and we both hope and pray that this painful interview will bless people as well as pass on the courage to speak out against this evil that can be found in churches as well.

Copies of Sapphire Beach can be ordered from the website shop. All copies will be gift wrapped and signed.

https://player.lightcast.com/zkTM1QzM Here is the link to the interview. Be blessed.

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