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Taming Julia isn’t your standard Mail-order Bride book. I was laughing as soon as I read the first line, wondering what the poor minister would do! Would Jules – Julia – be able to fit in with the need he has of finding a minister’s wife? Will Julia settle down and fill his requirements of a genteel homemaker?

Jodie Wolfe, the author, has done a brilliant job of bringing two worlds together. The minister, Andrew Montgomery, needs a wife to keep his position as pastor in a small town. Jules needs to be safe, so her brother arranges the marriage by proxy as he answers Drew’s newspaper request.

Julia isn’t the standard mail-order bride. Having grown up in Texas with her brother, a U.S. Marshall, hunting down criminals, she now has to settle in and learn to cook, sew and learn to be genteel. She has been trained to always keep her weapons handy, but as Drew points out, a day might come when those weapons won’t be enough.

Jodie Wolfe, the author

Taming Julia has a beautiful way of bringing in the Gospel as well, as Jules hears the Gospel, and has the Bible read to her by her new husband. Her new sister-in-law helps her to understand the Gospel better. I loved some of the little details, like puppies, gardens and horses. A fun detail was Jules discovering a book by Jules Verne. I loved how the elephant was explained to her, something you don’t really think of nowadays.

Taming Julia has several twists and turns, especially near the end. The end is so exciting, I couldn’t wait to see what would happen. The ending was rather unexpected as well, but very well done. Poor Jules and Drew, such an unusual marriage, but Drew figured that out as soon as he saw Jules! I’m not mad keen on historical fiction, but I enjoyed Taming Julia, because of the message in there as well as the unusual twist of Julia being a gun-toting, breeches-wearing lady…

I received a copy via Celebrate Lit but was under no obligation or pressure to write a favourable review. As always with Celebrate Lit, there is a giveaway, US only!

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