Around the Bible with 10 Extraordinary Children – Krish and Miriam Kandiah

Around the Bible with 10 Extraordinary Children is a beautifully produced book of Bible stories. The stories are a little unusual, but so are the Bible characters! Around the Bible has ten stories, all focused on an extraordinary person. Each story is introduced by the authors who share about a special child in their lives. Maybe a child who finds it hard to move around or to trust.

Krish and Miriam Kandiah, the authors, have done a fabulous job in introducing a child who is extraordinary and linking this to a Bible story with a character that faced similar challenges. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the two were linked, and think that this is one of the reasons this book feels so special.

Around the Bible with 10 Extraordinary Children opens up so much in the ten stories. Some of the stories aren’t quite as they appear in the Bible, but that was explained in the beginning anyway. At the end of the chapter is the reference with an invitation to read the Bible passage. This would lead itself to wonderful conversations as well.

Around the Bible has taken some rather unknown stories as well, which is lovely. The characters come across as new, rather than those old Bible stories which we think we all know so well. It helped me to look at the story in a new way. The stories aren’t too long, so just right to keep children’s attention and to help them to process the information.

Around the Bible has wonderful illustrations, done by Andy Gray. The pictures are very funny, making my children laugh and wanting to know the story! There are a lot of illustrations as well as special text, which makes it even better for sharing with children. The front cover shows some of the illustrations, making the book appealing and attractive.

The book is a hardcover, and book 1, Around the World in 10 Bible Stories, goes together very well. They make a lovely set and would be a special gift to any child. The books are well produced and I just loved the introduction where Krish explains why he wrote a book about ten Extraordinary Children. He explains about the special children in their lives and how it’s easy to get disheartened and feel God is too far away. Although the inside is not coloured, my children didn’t feel that was a problem at all as the stories were gripping enough.

Around the Bible with 10 Extraordinary Children will help to look at the Bible in a different way with our children, as it makes for a great conversation topic. Especially when we know that our children have things that feel hard. To see people like that in the Bible can be such a helpful thing and I found it opens up conversations more natural, for we’re talking about another child. It helps us to step away from issues a little and see them in a new light, helped by Bible characters and God’s Word. Having a beautiful-looking book with witty stories is a great help!

I received review copies but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review.

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