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Lights Out is a crime thriller that had me turning pages faster and faster, then wondering if I should slow down as I didn’t want the book to end! The main character, Brynn Taylor, works for the CIA. One of the members of her special team has gone missing. As he is an Egyptian spy, this is a problem.

Brynn is assigned to SNAP, a special agency that deals with security issues. The man in charge of the case is her former boyfriend, of course. Although this was expected, I still wondered where it would go, as she seemed to have seriously broken his trust during their CIA training. But how? And what about his other girlfriend?

Natalie Walters, the author, has done a fabulous job with Lights Out. The book is fast-paced and has so many turns and twists, without losing the plot. Brynn is a great character, with many strengths and some clear weaknesses. Natalie Walters deals with Brynn’s grief beautifully. Brynn is very focussed but comes to realise that this comes at a price. Is it worth it, or should she spend more time with friends?

Natalie Walters, the author

Brynn and Jack as well as his team have to face several obstacles to work out what is going on. What is the link between the Egyptian spy and the trafficked men in the abandoned farmhouse? How to find and stop homegrown terrorists is Brynn’s area of expertise, but will she spot them in real life?

I’m not sure which SNAP team member was my favourite as they were all great. I probably go with Kekoa as well, just like Brynn. There are some wonderful food references throughout Lights Out as well as other interesting descriptions. It’s the little details that distract as well as help me to get the picture. I just wanted to know who was responsible, haha, but my brain was probably relieved to read about lasagne and cake.

The Christian message is very subtle but Lights Out carries important lessons about life. I shudder to think of the amount of research Natalie Walters must have done for this story! I’m not at all tech-savvy, but I managed to get the story, which shows what a great writer she is. My main problem with the book? The next one isn’t out yet! So now I have to wait… Thanks, Natalie, I’ll be spending the next few months wondering what happens next!

I was given a review copy via Love Books Tours but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review.

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