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England will be celebrating Pancake Day on the 16th of February this year. Growing up in the Netherlands, I had never heard of Pancake Day. We had pancakes whenever my mum was prepared to face baking pancakes for four growing children.

I’m the same with my kids. We eat pancakes whenever I’m prepared to face a messy, greasy kitchen and oily pans. Occasionally, I buy ready-made pancakes. They’re not the same though.

So this is how I make Dutch style pancakes:

First (remember I have four very hungry children!), I break eight eggs in a bowl. I add milk and mix. Then I add flour. Lots and lots of flour. Then stir in more milk. I stir until the batter looks a little thicker than milk. I add a tiny sprinkle of salt.

I pour some of the mixture into a tall jug, as it’s less messy than trying to spoon the dripping batter into the pan. I use large frying pans. I get the sunflower oil really hot, just a small spoon full per pan. I pour in enough batter to cover the pan, but only just, otherwise there is a chance that the middle of the pancake won’t be cooked.

I flip the pancake over when the batter is dry at the top. When both sides are golden brown, I slide the pancake onto a large baking tray that is kept in the oven on a very low setting. This is just to keep the pancakes warm for when I’m done.

Dutch Pancake Syrup

The pancakes are served with a black syrup that we buy in the Netherlands whenever we are there.  It doesn’t taste like golden syrup or maple syrup. My kids are happy to eat their pancake with anything sweet though.

Dutch pancakes often have very thin slices of streaky bacon in them. You pour the batter into the pan as normal, then place a couple of bacon strips into the batter. It’s still delicious with syrup, trust me… In fact, when we are in the Netherlands, we usually eat at a pancake restaurant once or twice. I normally order a pancake with tomatoes, cheese, salami, bacon…plus syrup! My family thinks it’s gross, but then, they’re English!

Enjoy Your Dutch Pancakes

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