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The Killing Tide is a fabulous romantic suspense book. Can I admit that my heart sank as I realised it was book 1 of a series? It means I will end up waiting for the next one soon, won’t I?? The main character, Gabby, is in danger as her journalism has helped to put a very dangerous man away.  Her Coast Guard Investigative Service agent brother Noah decides she’ll be safest amongst his team. Physically that might well be true, but her heart will be in danger as it means being near Finn again. Finn is part of her brother’s team.

Dani Pettrey, one of my favourite authors, has done another amazing job with this book, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series, as the other characters must have incredible stories as well. This is Finn and Gabby’s story, and although I guessed that, of course, they would get back together, the route is wonderful to read.

Gabby is a journalist who won’t give up, and the story she comes across whilst hidden away by her brother causes her a lot of soul searching. Will a story be more important than her friend’s heart? What about Finn? Will she break his heart again by putting her job before all else? I enjoyed this line a lot, as there were no glib answers in the book. Gabby feels God has called her to seek out the truth and speak up for justice, but at what price?

The Killing Tide involves the sea, beaches and surfing, making for a lovely setting. The story starts with Finn and a disastrous rescue, giving a little background. It takes a while before the prologue is properly placed, but I enjoyed waiting for it. Gabby is a great character, although I sympathised with her brother and his team. She is determined to follow a lead, possibly at all costs.

The Killing Tide is fast-paced, although there is plenty of time to meet the other characters, making me wonder whose story will be next. I’m not sure who’s my favourite, maybe Rissi, the one girl on the team, or Emmalyne, who wears such wonderful outfits. Some of the characters won’t be in the following books, making me grieve along with their families, with me reminding myself it’s just fiction…

I love the dramatic ending of The Killing Tide was tense and enjoyable, with one slight hitch, I felt, when a suspect reappeared very briefly in the hospital. I would love that part to be longer. Of course, the ending was sweet as well, and the last few lines made me want book 2 now…

I received a review copy via Love Books Tours but was under no pressure or obligation to write a favourable review.

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